… to make this happen, you would need to carry your camera all the time with you. It could be difficult in the beginning, especially if your camera is not a small one. All other excuses are not acceptable. If your camera is very expensive, you can sell it and buy a cheaper one. Otherwise, take it with you, all the time. It is made to be a photographer’s tool. To make photographs. Not to discuss its advantages and disadvantages or to compare it with other cameras. It is also not made to keep it in a drawer as it could be redundant in less than a year.

Reading the above introduction, I need to say that it sounds like a self-criticism. I really do have many analogue and digital cameras, lenses, photo equipment and I really cannot carry all of them with me, to take photographs. I do carry only one or sometimes two cameras with me so I do not need to change lenses so often. All the rest of my photo arsenal I leave at home. And yes, I do have an insurance for my flat. But this does not help my cameras getting older and older without taking any photographs. So I am happy when my friends ask me to borrow them some of my cameras or lenses for couple of days so they can take photographs.

Many online discussions are taking place where people compare different photo equipment for hours and hours and very often they compare the incomparable things. I could understand those who plan to buy a new camera or a lens and they want to find out all about it, however it is very often the case that a buyer does not define what camera or lens  he or she does need and by taking part in those never ending discussion, they very often get confused and take a wrong conclusion as they lack a primary definition of why do they need a camera and what kind of photographs they would like to take.  There are few good online reviewers of the main photography equipment so you could read those as they tackle all the points you need including the main technical specifications.

Start considering those discussions as a real time stealers and you will be very rarely there, discussing with them. Instead of that, you will spend your time, inside or outside, taking good photographs. This is also one of the reasons why you need to carry your camera with you – it will always remind you to take photographs.

I use to travel a lot, for business, of course. I always carried my camera with me. Yes, sometimes, it was difficult, especially at the airports. You need to take care of it. You should not forget it or leave it in the office. But once you are out of the office, even for couple of minutes, you just never miss the opportunity to take photographs. Especially if you like a street photography, like I do. With the time, you will have a series of good photographs taken in different cities, different airports and in the different hotels. The time pressure caused by a short business trip will also force you to take photographs everywhere – even while you are sitting in the taxi.

I gave myself a task to make at least 3-6 good photographs on each business trip, which could describe a place I have visited to someone who has never been there. And it works.  In addition, in every hotel room, I have always taken a self-portrait in the mirror. If I love myself?  Yes, I do, very much.


 Here are some photographs I have taken during my business trip to Israel – Tel Aviv. In fact, I had just couple of hours free so I took a walk with my camera.

©Zoran Kulusic-Neral Photography

L1149932 L1149865-Edit

L1149859 L1149771-Edit

L1149915 L1149795


  1. Love yoUr work Zoran. Points well made. A question for you if I may…I love taking photos and carry a camera everywhere. I think in my life I’ve taken about 10 great pictures. You know, just right.
    But I have a dilemma. When I step out I always find myself with the wrong lens. I try and plan my days shooting but always seem to need a zoom when I have a wide angle fitted. Any thoughts? Should I just take the plunge and buy a second body?

    1. Hi Dave,
      Hope you are well. Yes, all of us experience a similar problem with the lenses. It is never the right one on the camera body. I would recommend only one prime lens if you travel very often. And keep going with that lens for at least 6 month. After a while you will notice that you can capture all what you want. The only difference is that you would sometimes need to get closer to the object (so you will be zooming yourself). Try with the fast 50mm lens (f 1.4 or f 1.8) and keep it wide open and you will be able to isolate your object in an artistic way. You could also try a 35mm lens. It is an excellent travel lens. Here you could use a medium aperture e.g. f8 and you will be surprised how many other things you will capture, apart of the central object which attracted your attention. Finally, you cannot capture all what you see and what you want to capture. Do not worry about it. If you are passionate enough about photography, you will make great photographs. If I have one good photograph a day and one excellent photograph in a week, I am more than happy. Hope this helps. If any other questions, please let me know.

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