My black & white – Zagreb

I used to write a small photo blog about the cities and places I have visited. All the photographs were in black and white. The idea behind it was not to discover all what the presented city could give to the ones who have never been there. It was kind of: “I am giving you black and white and once you visit that city, discover the colours by yourself.”

So here we go again. Apart of the other subjects of this blog,  “My black and white….” is another one which will be regularly posted in this blog.  I will try to give you an essence (read: black and white photographs) of the cities and places I have visited and you will be responsible to discover the colours once you are there. Until then, enjoy the photographs and ask me questions about the places and cities. If not me, all other readers of this blog will answer your questions.

So let’s start with Zagreb.

Zagreb – Small and Beautiful!

L1206841-Edit-Edit Ban Jelačić Square – The Central Square of the City of Zagreb


    Park Zrinjevac – South Of The Central Square


A view from the Upper Town


Gornji grad  – The Upper Town – To Relax


Up to the Stone Gate


The Upper Town

L1167597 - 2012-11-09 at 16-04-11

Oktogon – A Peaceful Oasis in the Crowded Centre


Kavanica – A Beautiful Cafe Bar with the Daily Happy Hour until 10 a.m.

IMGP6100 - Version 2 - 2011-10-31 at 11-48-09

Park Maksimir – just few minutes tram drive from the main square

L1155047 - Version 2 - 2011-10-31 at 11-31-33

Park Maksimir


Park Maksimir

L1159336 - Version 2 - 2012-02-11 at 13-42-16

Park Maksimir – Winter 2011

IMGP6900 - 2012-02-04 at 11-37-49-Edit

Park Maksimir – Winter 2011


Hotel Esplanade – One of the Best Hotels in the Region – since 1925


The Shop Window of NAMA – once the most popular department store


West of the Main Square


Retrospective Exhibition of Vojin Bakic’s Work at the Museum of Contemporary Art


Ilica Street


Varšavska Street


King Tomislav Square – opposite of the Main Railway Station


Cafe Bar and Club Melin – Tkalčićeva Street – North from the Main Square

L1000851 - Version 2

A typical Cafe Bar opposite of the British Square – West of the Main Square



On the Embankment of the River Sava

The Crosswords keep me alive

6 letter word: Z A G R E B


I came from France and I am really happy here!

See You in Zagreb!

© Zoran Kulusic Neral All Rights Reserved

14 thoughts on “My black & white – Zagreb

  1. Wow!! Stunning photos, Zoran! It was a walk down the memory lane for me. Keep up surprising us with more of your great work! Greetings from Canada!

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