Some people say that the Facebook is one of the biggest time stealers. Think about it for a second and you will agree with them. How much time you spend on Facebook daily? And what exactly are you doing on Facebook?


I tell you what I do. Very often I post my new photographs. Why taking photographs if you do not show them?  At least to your friends. And I’ve got lot of Facebook friends. And I have chosen most of them. There are mainly the ones with the similar areas of interest I have. The Photography is just one of them.


Many of my Facebook friends are amateur photographers. Most of them prefer black and white photography. Like I do. Many of them like street photography. Like I do. Almost all of them are members of different Photography groups. Me, too. And they post at least one new photograph daily. And what do they do the rest of the day? They check if others like their recently posted photographs. Don’t even think that you are not the one.  So every time someone clicks the LIKE button under the photograph they posted, they receive a notification about it. And then they click on it and go directly to their recently posted photograph and once again, like many times daily, they check how many LIKES they have. And that’s it. They could do it once a day, e.g. in the evening, however they do it all the time someone clicks the LIKE button.  People like to be liked. And that is what is it all about.


More LIKES does not necessary mean that your photograph is better than other photographs. It does also not mean that all the LIKES always mean that people really like the posted photograph. Some of them like it, some of them like you, the others like to click LIKE just to click it or to encourage you or because they know that you like the LIKES or because you LIKED their recent photograph or for some other reasons.

It is similar with the LOL. People post it for no particular reason. Not only when they really mean to LAUGHING OUT LOUD.


Anyhow, keep posting and showing your photographs. Do not be concerned if people LIKE them or just like them or they don’t. It does not matter. Do not check every little LIKE you receive. Instead of that, spend that time taking photographs. Do not allow Facebook to steal your valuable time.

Switch off the notifications, you might be missing some unrepeatable decisive moments.

Be honest and tell me, do YOU like to be liked?

© Zoran Kulusic-Neral All Rights Reserved

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