Running away from everything  or running away just for few moments or just for few hours or days or just running away until you find  a place where you feel calm, where you can stay for days, for years.

Komiža is such a place. Once you are there, you slow down. Not immediately. It takes just few hours and you are completely calm. Your steps are smaller. You just start to walk slower and slower. You start hearing the beating of your heart. The beating is just to aggressive word for that what you hear. It is like a melody. Then you start to talk to local people and first thing they tell you is about the heartbeat limits on their island. Being in a hurry in Komiža, that does not exist.  I mean the word “hurry”. Being nervous – why would you be nervous? That word does not exist here, too.

Your eyes are so relaxed that you can see just the beauty. Your lips are so soft that you can feel just the love. Your ears are so focused on the sound of the sea waves that you cannot hear anything else. Your nose is just busy trying to sort out smells of various Mediterranean plants.

Running away? Why?

This is THE endpoint.



L1187128       L1187241


L1186490     L1187514


L1187279-Edit        L1187277-2-2




© Zoran Kulusic-Neral All Rights Reserved

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